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  • QUAD LIGHT 160 is a reliable, light, and stable rescue system, comprising many years of our experience, innovation and original solutions.


    The design, materials and technologies used in the Quad Light 160 make the product very reliable, as confirmed by the certificate.

    The material used has been specially designed for such applications – it does not stick or change dimensions and has relatively low breathability. The panels are cut on CNC laser cutters – this improves the accuracy of the overall shape, but also seals the edges and increases durability.

    QUAD LIGHT 160 will be used primarily by PPG pilots, but it can also be used by tandem pilots and those for whom the typical MTOM (Maximum Take-Off Mass) of 130 kg is not enough.

    QUAD LIGHT 160 is very light indeed (only 1.7 kg). In addition, it is also smaller, faster to open and easier to pack into a container. It opens quickly and has a low descent speed of 5.35 m/s (at maximum load). The design of the QUAD LIGHT 160 system works with corner stabilizing holes, ensuring stability even in very turbulent environment. The QUAD LIGHT 160 is stable immediately after opening, which is very helpful if it opens just above the ground.

    The QUAD LIGHT 160 is equipped with lightweight Dyneema lines that are specially designed for rescue parachutes. The polyamide center lines have the ability to easily absorb shocks. The opening is smooth even at higher speed and increases passive safety because the shock is not absorbed by the pilot’s body, but by the lines.

    The lines are connected to the reserve parachute with traditional loops, they are not sewn into the rim of the canopy. If you need to replace a damaged line, you do not need to look for a workshop, just remove the damaged line and insert a new one in its place. It’s quick, easy, and there’s no room for error.

    The cover has four marked flaps. Packing is very simple and convenient. The cover is designed to accommodate the folded lines directly on the flap. This makes the opening faster, plus checking the lines is simple and quick. The QUAD LIGHT 160 uses the proven Dyneema strap as the main riser.

    QUAD LIGHT 160 is delivered in a bag, ready to be packed in an harness-integrated rescue container. The harness should have its own release handle and a V-type connecting strap, led from the shoulder straps of the harness to the inside of the integral rescue container. When a connector or a handle are missing, contact the manufacturer or distributor of the harness, as the length and design of these elements vary greatly depending on the harness model. Be careful here – using a non-dedicated part may render the rescue chute totally inoperable!

    The external container, its release handle and V-strap are available optionally as extras.

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