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What's all Included?

Freedom PPG is a USPPA Certified School and uses the USPPA Syllabus as part of the training schedule. During the first few days of training you will be doing mostly ground work learning how to control the wing. This is taxing on your body and will cause you to go home bruised and tired. The more you practice the easier it gets and typically by day 4 you are ready to take your first flight. The wind plays a huge factor as well while you are practicing so there will be times when you will not be able to be practice. This is the time we will go over ground school subjects. Before you complete the course we will cover:

  • Understanding PPG Gear

  • Understanding Basics of Flight 

  • Understanding Mindset & Risks

  • Understanding Regulations FAR103

  • Understanding the Sky

  • Understanding U.S. Airspace

We like to have you leave the course with a Minimum of 25 flights and a PPG2 rating.

Tandem flights are part of our training and you will take a tandem flight prior to your first solo flight. This is a great tool to allow you to feel how the wing reacts in the air and go over basic controls. We also use this time to go over oscillation control and how to fix that in the air.


If you think Paramotor training is something you want to pursue but are not 100% sure, come take a tandem flight! If you do decide to sign up for training after the flight, we will deduct the costs of the tandem flight off your training.

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